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How are the Lithium batteries recycled?

Answer: In addition to lithium, these batteries contain valuable metals such as manganese, cobalt and nickel. A process called shredding is used whereby the waste batteries are heated in a vacuum, then crushed and shredded to create what is called a ‘black mass’ – basically an aggregate of metals that can be re-smelted and re-used.
How is the glass recycled?
Answer: Glass can used over and over again. The waste glass is washed, crushed and melted in a furnace. It can then be molded or blown again to create new glass products.
How is cardboard recycled?
Answer: The cardboard is shredded and mixed with water to form a pulp, that is rolled out and dried in sheets to create new cardboard. Recycling cardboard means that old cardboard is not taking up space in landfill. The process also uses far less water than creating cardboard from wood in the first place.
What happens to the nicotine containing pod?
Answer: The nicotine-containing pod is turned into energy in the form of electricity. The process is called Waste-to Energy. The pod becomes a fuel-source – it is incinerated to create gases that are used to power generators or turbines to generate electricity.
What happens to the silicon components? The mouthpiece for example?
Answer: A specialist silicon recycler shreds the silicon after which it is pelletised (turned into pellets) and sent to manufacturers to be reused as new silicon products.