Sustainability & Recycling

Single-use vapes contain valuable materials, such as lithium batteries and metals that should be recycled and re-used. With this in mind, ANDS Slix has been designed to reduce unnecessary vape waste and increase the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials. The product has also been designed to allow for highly efficient dismantling. A highly efficient dismantling process contributes in turn to fast efficient recycling. This reduces waste management costs, which helps to keep product prices competitive - a win-win for the environment and adult consumers who value our products. By embedding green principles into product design, we at ANDS aim to build a portfolio of products that allow for safe recycling and waste minimisation, ultimately reducing the impact of vaping on the environment.

We have partnered with independent specialists, Waste Experts, to test ANDS Slix for recyclability using methods in line with the ISO 14021:2016 standard. This is an international standard that describes the methods that should be used when evaluating environmental claims. During testing, consideration was given to the ease of recycling, the time taken per unit, the packaging by type, device components and the current recycling options available for each material.

Slix Sustainability

*when compared with a leading single-use vape market leader

* based on tests conducted by Waste Experts, a waste management professional services company, in line with ISO 14021:2016, an international standard that specifies requirements for self-declared environmental claims. & based on tests conducted by Waste Experts, a waste management professional services when compared to a market-leading brand